MDPS Officers were summoned to Walmart for a reported shoplifter.  Walmart loss prevention told dispatch that the suspects were leaving Morganton Heights Shopping Center driving a white, Kia Soul.  PSO J. Walker saw the suspect vehicle leaving Morganton Heights Shopping Center and conducted a traffic stop to investigate the reported thievery. 


PSO Walker made contact with the occupants in the vehicle: 2 adult males, 1 adult female, 1 female child.  When questioned about stealing from Walmart, the female passenger, Sue Chambers, stated, “I gave it all back.”  The rear passenger, Billy Everhart, admitted to stealing a pair of tennis shoes and possessing a hypodermic needle/syringe for injecting narcotics.  The driver initially presented a NC ID under false pretense.  The driver’s true identity (Garry Sanders) was discovered through the use of in-car, mobile technology that allowed PSO Walker to quickly identify his suspect. 


A consent search of the vehicle discovered other stolen items from Walmart inside the child’s purse.


A duffel bag containing the child’s clothing also contained (2) pipe(s) for smoking methamphetamine, small, red baggies with the words, “stay high”, a spoon with burnt residue, a used needle/syringe, a large quantity of methamphetamine (77 grams), individually packaged for sale. 


Burke County DSS was contacted. Burke Narcotics Task Force-Morganton Agent responded and seized the drugs.  A relative arrived and took custody of the child.



Arrested: Garry Dean Sanders 9/22/1985 of Lenoir, NC


Charges-Trafficking Methamphetamine


Bond-$45,000.  Court Date-07/12/2016



Arrested: Sue Ann Chambers 11/05/1977 of Granite Falls, NC


Charges-Trafficking Methamphetamine, Larceny, Transfer of Price Tags


Bond-$26,000.  Court Date-07/12/2016 and 08/30/2016



Arrested: Billy Clay Everhart of Lenoir, NC


Charges-Trafficking Methamphetamine, Larceny


Bond-$26,000.  Court Date-07/12/2016 and 08/30/2016



A records check revealed that Garry Sanders had been arrested for Manufacturing Methamphetamine on 06/2014 in Caldwell County and on June 19th, 2016 for Trafficking Methamphetamine in Caldwell County.  Sanders was released from jail 4 days prior to this current arrest.