February and March - Burke Quilters Guild

The Burke Quilters Guild was organized in May 1988. The purpose of the guild is to preserve and promote the art of quilting and to provide opportunities for learning and sharing ideas through active programs of education and study. The guild supports the Burke County community thorough its Veteran’s quilt program and Wee Care Projects.

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April and May - Derrick Chalfant

Derrick Chalfant resides in Hickory, NC. He is an untrained artist and identifies himself as a 'primitive modernist’. About five years ago the idea that art was 'supposed to be' or ‘needed to look a certain way’ was removed from his thinking and the mystery of creating art was made simple. When he paints, he is fascinated by how simple application of color to the canvas can transform the visual dynamic of a piece, bringing it to life. He is inspired by the colors and imagery that he sees in everyday life, others' paintings, music and performance. He looks forward to developing his craft as he learns something new from each piece and is excited to discover where this journey will take him, meeting people along the way who identify with his expression.

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June and July - Nancy Hilliard Joyce  •   Nelson Brookshire

Nancy Hilliard Joyce was born in Greenville, South Carolina and was accepted into the Governor’s School for the Arts in Visual Art at the age of 16. For 5 years she served on the Board of Trustees at the Asheville Art Museum and was an active member of the River Arts District Association in Asheville, NC. Today, Nancy works primarily from her home studio in Concord, NC. She is passionate about giving back to children in need and regularly uses her art as a platform to raise money for charity and non-profit organizations.

Nelson Brookshire, a self-described folk artist, was born in Caldwell County, NC, in 1943. His only “formal” art training was in elementary school with Edith Carter, a well-respected teacher and leader in the arts in NC. In 1998 Nelson began to seriously consider ways to use paper as an art medium.  He ultimately decided to cut magazine paper and roll it into small tubes that he uses in a manner similar to mosaics to create his pictures. No paints of any kind are used. All colors appearing in his art are simply those found in magazines. Nelson and his wife live in The Village of Cedar Rock near Lenoir, NC.

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August and September - Matt Strawn

Matthew Strawn became serious about creating art more than thirty years ago, after graduating from the Ringling School of Art in 1981. In the summer of 1991, he was approached by several artists with the idea of forming a cooperative gallery. With the help of the late artist Gail Moore, they organized the Foothills Visual Artist Guild, originally located in the former Lenoir Mall. This location was their ‘home’ for over 20 years. Matt works primarily in printmaking, specializing in etching. He also works in woodcut prints and paints in watercolor. His subject matter is primarily local scenery, architecture, landscapes and some portraits.

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October and November - Carol Turner – “To See Clearly”

Carol Turner paints to see clearly and interpret freely. Always interested in Art, visiting museums and galleries whenever possible as well as taking a class or two over the years, Carol finally began painting after retirement. She read how-to-paint books, participated in Open Studio and some workshops at the Hickory Museum of Art and joined the Watercolor Society of NC (now a signature member). Initially, documenting travel and selling that work through a local gallery were strong motivators. Now everything seems a possible subject. Her work includes figurative, still life, landscape and abstract, and she enjoys mixing various media. Her goal, far from achieved, is to simplify.

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December and January 2019 - Uschi Jeffcoat 

Ursula Ann Jeffcoat, born in Germany, goes by her childhood nickname Uschi. She is German-American and finds her home in both cultures. Her watercolors typically are metaphors referencing the study of the natural world in relation to cultural patterns and perspectives. Uschi comes to us from Florence, SC.

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