During any weather event, City crews work tirelessly to ensure customers have limited interruptions in their power service. Hurricane Florence will be no different – linemen have been put on standby for the duration of the storm and are ready to respond as needed.

“We have been watching and preparing for this storm the entire week, and we are ready for it,” said Electric Services Director Brooks Kirby.

At the outset of any effects felt in the area from Hurricane Florence, City crews will be monitoring transformers and power equipment in flood-prone and low-lying areas. If an area near a transformer begins to flood, crews will cut off power in the area to prevent flood waters from doing extensive damage to the transformer. This will enable linemen to restore power to the area more quickly once the floodwaters recede than if they did not cut power off in the area before it flooded.

If the Hurricane causes power outages, City crews will be ready to restore power as quickly as possible. Linemen are not able to work in winds above 15-20 miles per hour, or in thunderstorms. This is to ensure the safety of the City’s linemen so they are not put in danger while working to restore power to customers. When hazardous conditions subside, crews will immediately begin working to restore power to affected areas.

Customers should call 828-438-5277 to report any power outages, instead of contacting the City via email or social media. Personnel will be ready to answer the phone, record where the outage is occurring and dispatch crews accordingly. Crews will respond to the area where the most customers are affected by the outage, restore power to that area and then move to the next largest affected area.

The City’s Electric Services Department has coordinated with Electricities members to organize for mutual aid. If City crews need help in responding to power outages, they will be able to call for assistance from other power agencies. Likewise, all of the City’s linemen have volunteered to help other cities and towns affected by Hurricane Florence if Morganton is able to avoid the worst of the storm.

Power outage updates during the hurricane will be published on the City’s social media channels and website. Visit facebook.com/cityofmorganton/ or twitter.com/cityofmorganton or http://www.morgantonnc.gov/ for any updates about power outages.

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