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Morganton Planning & Zoning Commission
Agenda: Thursday, January 12th, 2017
City Hall Council Chamber
305 East Union Street (Suite A100)


Item 1: Review and approval of the November 10th, 2016 Minutes.

Item 2: Review of City Council action since last meeting.


This Agenda time is reserved to provide citizens an opportunity to appear before the Planning Commission about issues other than those appearing on the agenda. Citizens may present their planning ideas, opinions or concerns for Commission consideration and discussion. Anyone wishing to speak should come to the podium, state their name, and address for the record.


Item 1: Alternate Design Proposal for landscaping at the new Mountain View School.



Next Scheduled P&Z Meeting: Thursday, February 9th, 2017 at 5:15 PM
City Hall Council Chamber

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Morganton Planning & Zoning
January 12th, 2017

Members Present:

Hank Dickens, Chairman
Bill Lennon, Vice-Chairman
Claude Huffman
Waits Gordon
Rick Lingerfelt
Judy Francis
Pete Wallace
Don Smith

Members Absent:

David Kirk 

Also present from the City staff were Phillip Lookadoo, Director Development Design Services; and Jackie Cain, Administrative Manager.


Item 1: Review and approval of the November 10th, 2016

Mr. Dickens stated a copy of the minutes had been provided.  Mr. Dickens asked if there were any changes for the minutes. Mr. Dickens made a motion that the minutes be approved as submitted (8-0).

Item 2: Review of City Council action since last meeting.

Mr.  Lookadoo reported Planning Commission had met on November 10th, 2016 and those items were reviewed by City Council on December 5th, 2016. City Council approved zoning ordinance text amendment to section 4.6.6 (A) of the Morganton Zoning Ordinance changing parking with the Central Business District zoning district to require no parking, either off-street or on-street. Mr. Lookadoo also mentioned to commission that at the last City Council meeting, that council had approved an annexation of property located on North Green Street.  Mr. Lookadoo explained this property was currently in the City of Morganton extra territorial jurisdiction.  He stated the annexation was requested by the landowner, Crescent Resources.


Mr. Dickens stated this time is set-aside for individuals to come before the planning board to express any planning related concerns to the planning board.



Item 1: Alternate Design Proposal for landscaping at the new Mountain View School.

Mr. Lookadoo stated this proposal was submitted by Burke County Board of Education for construction of new 100,000 square foot elementary school to be located at 106 Alphabet Lane. An area proposed for continuation of the City of Morganton Greenway is directly adjacent to the school property along Sanford Drive, and also, where required landscape plantings were to be installed. There is no other alternate path for the greenway. Due to this dilemma, an alternative proposal is being considered to show how this landscaping requirement can be best met.

Mr. Lookadoo provided commission with the procedure for alternative design, the flow chart and reviewed them with commission members.  He stated the alternative design could be approved by city council that differ from the design requirements as stated in Article 4 (Landscaping).  He explained due to unique site circumstances or creative design proposals, provided that the intent of the ordinance is met. 

Alternative Design Procedure (download PDF for images)

Mr. Lookadoo provided an overview map of the property.  This map showed the MID zoning and location of the property.

Mr. Lookadoo also provided a map of the proposed City of Morganton greenway and the overlay of the proposed school on the site.

Mr. Lookadoo then explained the layout of the property with landscaping in place.  He pointed out the location of the storm water detention pond.  He stated a portion of the storm water will be underground and then piped down Alphabet to the physical pond location.

Mr. Lookadoo stated there is no requirement of landscaping on the Sanford Drive because that is the Greenway connector from our downtown to the existing greenway. Mr. Lookadoo stated there would be an at-grade crossing on Sanford for accessibility to the existing Greenway. 

Mr. Lookadoo stated the landscaping plan was broken down into different sectors.


(download PDF for images)

Bouchelle Street Side-Buffer Yard Landscaping 

(download PDF for images)

Front Building Yard 

(download PDF for images)

Rear Building Yard

(download PDF for images)

Rear Screening Yard

(download PDF for images)

Street yard for Detention Pond

(download PDF for images)

Mr. Lookadoo reviewed the landscaping plantings and the changes in design. He stated the architect placed landscaping in a limited space and met requirements. 

Mr. Lookadoo stated the portion of the Greenway landscaping along the buffer area along Sanford would be provided by the City of Morganton upon the Greenway completion.  Mr. Lookadoo stated they have creative design, unique sight circumstances and the building issues which they designed the landscaping around.  Mr. Lookadoo stated staff makes a recommendation for approval.

Ms. Francis asked what the ETA was on the Greenway link which was spoke about.

Mr. Lookadoo stated the Greenway construction will begin, upon the schools completion.  The school is estimating to be finished by 2018.

Mr. Dickens asked what the size was of the demolished school compared to the 100,000 sq foot new school.

Mr. Dickens opened public hearing.

Mr. Doug Setzer, BC Director Auxiliary Services, stated the old building was 44,000.

Ms. Francis stated she liked the flexibility worked into the plan.  She stated her concern was the stacking of vehicles into Sanford Drive.

Mr. Smith discussed the crossing for the greenway.

Mr, Lookadoo stated the crossing would be coordinated with NCDOT.

Mr. Setzer stated the new school would be around 800 student capacity.  He stated Mountain View School is at 120% and Forest Hill School is at 115% capacity.  He stated the design of the front of the school will allow traffic to flow efficiently and not stack onto Sanford Dr. 

Mr. Lennon asked about the speed limit on Sanford and could that be reduced.

Mr. Setzer stated Burke County was working with NCDOT to reduce the speed on Sanford Drive and it would be dropped to school speed limit.

Mr. Gordan asked if Bouchelle Street would be widened.

Mr. Setzer stated there would be a turn lane added to Bouchelle Street.

Mr. Dickens closed public hearing.

Mr. Lennon made a motion to approve the alternative design proposal for Burke County School for landscaping at the new Mountain View School, seconded by Mr. Wallace and passed unanimously (8-0).

Mr. Dickens stated City Council would review this item at their February 6th, 2017 meeting at 6:15 p.m.



V. ADJOURN    6:10 p.m.  

Next Regular Meeting: Thursday 9th, 2017 at 5:15 PM

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